Each year the Buckeye State Button Society hosts a Spring Button Show that includes competition. The location of this show varies, but it is always somewhere in Ohio.

The competition portion includes  “Novice” (beginner) and “Regular” (experienced) competitors. One needs to be a BSBS member to compete.

Approximately 30 award choices are submitted each year. Every year these awards are different and include topics based on age/material and topics such as flowers or birds. Often fun creative awards like “things found on a farm” or “my favorite buttons” are offered.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about competing in the BSBS Spring show, we suggest that you visit a local club and find a mentor who can help you get started. Almost ANY button collector can help you and will be eager to assist. Also, you can look at the Awards Requirements tab on this website to see the awards from 2006 – present day. The “Winning Trays” tab features over 20,000 buttons on winning competition trays combined in 3 year groupings.