Greetings & Welcome

Buckeye (Ohio) State Button Society

Hello to Button collectors in Ohio and beyond!

Welcome to the Buckeye State Button Society (BSBS) website.

Whether this is your first visit or you have been here before, please spend some time looking around. We have added the photos of the 2023 winning trays. (Find these under the Competition / Winning Trays menu.)

If you would like to try competing in the 2024 Show, we have published the Awards list you can start on. (Find these under the Competition  / Awards menu.)

Entering the competition is fun and rewarding whether you win or not. The plus is learning about the buttons you have, or want to buy in the future. Please consider joining the State society, or even local clubs. Joining the state entitles you to three issues of our full-color bulletin and the privilege of competing at our Spring Show.  Dues are $25 each year for adults and Juniors are $5.

Take care and stay safe – COVID is still out there!

Check out the new “Blog” section. Please be aware that a few bugs may remain; we will do our best to correct any you let us know about. 

A gentle reminder to our members who may not have paid their club dues.  The deadline is October 31 and we thank you for the support. (More info at the top menu under Membership.)

Laurel Weinberg
Laurel Weinberg, President
Buckeye State Button Society